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Winner 'Best Host or Compère', London Cabaret Awards 

"Watching Louche talk the talk is one of the most absorbing experiences you                                                                                     could have by a stage without breaking health and safety regulations."

                                                                                               - This Is Cabaret



Cabaret & Burlesque host, compère, ringmaster, emcee, bon viveur, bawler,
brawler and bloviator, Benjamin Louche has been charming, disarming and
alarming the UK cabaret scene since 2009.


Specialities: the hyperbolic, the anomalous, the deviant and the preternatural...
​                                                                             "[Louche] has an air of degraded lasciviousness, like a demonic update                                                                                              of  the Compère from Cabaret."  
                                                             "Reliably Sinister"  
                                                                                         -Time Out


                                                                              A "fuckin' suave" Lynchian figment from behind the red curtain, your
                                                                             disreputable and aberrant host to The Double R Club and beyond, Louche
                                                                             is available for bordellos, weddings, bar mitzvahs and children's parties,
                                                                             political assassinations, hoedowns, lowdowns, hostage situations, mexican
                                                                             standoffs, housefires, earthquakes, jumble sales, crime sprees and all of
                                                                             your common-all-garden end of the world scenarios.
Benjamin is also a trustee of Cabaret vs Cancer, along with his wife Rose Thorne and Lily Satchdragon.

"Part Alan Cumming, part Dr. Caligari, Louche handled the night with consummate skill and flair, well-deserving of his self-designated epithet: 'so fuckin suave'."   

                                                                                                                                                                         - Erotic Review

"Never heard of Benjamin Louche? You will. Arguably, he’s queer London’s most audacious cabaret compere, opening not just

shows, but doors to entire, beautifully warped, worlds. But don’t, ever, expect the bland idiocies of Narnia junkies – Louche is more Hellraiser than Aslan, and manically drags willing souls to extreme limits."

                                                                                                                                                                                         - Gay UK

"[H]is crumbling poetics a blur of arcane wordage and macabre lustre, a deliciously jaded decadence."

                                                                                                                                                        -Michael Rodham-Heaps, Freq

Louche has performed at / compèred for: The Double R Club... Torture Garden... Punchdrunk... Lucha Britannia... Resistance Gallery... Bethnal Green Working Men's Club... London Wonderground... Underbelly... The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh... The Twin Peaks UK Festival... The Blue Fez... The Areonaut... The Black Cat... Belle Epoque... Cabaret Bizarre, Switzerland... Skibo Castle... Dr Sketchy, Birmingham... Sideshow, Leicester Square Theatre... Cabaret Cavalcades, Fontaines... Sleaze (R.I.P.)... Bestival... Ashes to Ashes... Koko, Camden -with Nurse with Wound... The Lowry Theatre, Manchester... London Zoo... Madame Jojos (R.I.P.)... Dirty Shame... Last Days Of Decadence (R.I.P.)... Secret Rendezvous... Riverside Studios... Forbidden Cabaret... The Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall... The London Burlesque Festival... Cirque du Cabaret... A Curious Invitation... Cult Freak... Beyond the Cabaret, The Clapham Grand... Don't tell the Bride, BBC...
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